As of August 2013, there are over 70,000 listings on And even today, we are happy to offer you a listing on the site absolutely free. So what can you do to stand out among the thousands of brothers and sisters around you? Here’s how to do it the Shepherd’s Guide way:


  • What sets you apart from the rest?
    • Make sure you take advantage of the keywords section of your listing, as this is one of the main driving forces of how people can find YOU. After you set your category, put down keywords and phrases that makes you unique from all the other businesses in similar categories. What does your business truly focus on?

                Examples -
                Florist: 'dish gardens, silk arrangements, wedding bouquets, etc.'
                Lawyer: 'family law, church law, workers’ comp, etc.'


  • Does your business carry or service specific brands?
    • This is a big one for those in the service and repair industry. People buy and sell on brand names, so make sure to list the brand names you service/offer. This will help customers find the right person for the job.

                Examples -
                Appliance: 'Kenmore, LG, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Westinghouse, etc.'
                Car Repair: 'Ford, GMC, Chevy, etc.'


  • Do you have a slogan?
    • Slogans can be a powerful tool in marketing. Ever since the rise of radio ads and TV commercials, corporate taglines/slogans, have been a driving force behind brand reinforcement. Be sure to add yours under the ‘Summary Description’section of your listing!

                Examples -
                Subway: 'Eat Fresh.'
                Nike: 'Just do it.'


  • Avoid typical keywords!
    • Keep in mind that when you select your category, a lot of obvious keywords are already taken care of for you. (e.g., If you are listed under the category ‘Roofing,’ the keywords ‘roof, roofing, roofer, roofers,’ as well as popular misspellings are already included. Be sure to prioritize unique keywords over simple keywords to grab the users that have specific needs.

                Examples -
                Key Phrase: 'Most reliable service, Locally owned, etc.'
                Keywords: 'business card, marketing event, etc.'


  • Take advantage of our special offers and upgrade your listing
    • We send out offers for discounted paid listings every few months. Have you taken advantage yet?

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Your customers will be able to find you much faster with an optimized listing.
Now, that wasn’t so hard. Your next phone call is right around the corner!

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