It isn’t always easy for Christians to find like-minded folks with which to do business. The Shepherd’s Guide recognizes this challenge, and has set up a Christian business directory geared toward faithful business owners wishing to market their products and services to other Christians. The Shepherd’s Guide has long been a trusted source of reliable information for those wishing to support both local and national Christian-owned businesses. The Shepherd's Guide has become America's Premier Christian Business Directory in Print, Online and with a Mobile App.

When you place your business’s advertisement with The Shepherd’s Guide, you automatically receive a number of benefits that make your business much more visible within the Christian market. Your business listing includes your business name, address and contact information. It also includes ratings and reviews from customers.

The Shepherd’s Guide offers other membership platforms designed to take your business to the next level. Each progressive level of membership includes additional benefits and higher visibility when someone is searching for a company to call on. Showcase is our powerhouse paid listing followed by Premium and then Basic

A recent survey found that over 40% of Americans prefer doing business within the Christian market. When you choose The Shepherd’s Guide, you are listing your business with one of the most widely seen and recognized local business listing services in the nation. Visit their website or call (800) 327-2838 today for more information on how to grow your business with The Shepherd’s Guide.