As a Christian business owner, one of the many challenges you may face is competition. The very nature of business in the secular world encourages malicious greed and cut-throat practices. We, at the Shepherd’s Guide, do our best to discourage that level of ethic and remind everyone to put God before man, as the Bible tells us "...You cannot serve both God and money." Matthew 6:24

That is not to say competition is all evil, as it does encourage hard work and innovation. But most would agree, it is a struggle to stand out among the millions of other business around you. How do we help you find the right customers? It is as simple as signing up for a free listing. Please note that your online listing becomes much more powerful when you sign up for a paid listing with Showcase being the most powerful followed by Premium and then Basic.

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ (Col 3:23-25).

How does the Shepherd’s Guide help me?

When you advertise with the Shepherd’s Guide, you immediately gain an advantage that you cannot get anywhere else. When it is our mission to identify and list every Christian owned business, school, and ministry on our website, you can be assured that we’re creating a Kingdom-Minded Directory that people can trust. We strive to make sure you not only meet God’s people in church, but also in business. This is handled by requesting advertisers to read and sign the Statement of Faith, earning them a Shepherd's Guide  logo for all to see. Read about our Statement of Faith here.

Did you know over 40% of Americans are more likely support a company or brand that manages its business according to Biblical principles than not?* In a marketplace made up of “target audiences” and “niche markets,” to have the strength of even 40% of consumers is astounding. These are users that are actively searching for a trustworthy business every day.

The difference between us and other directories

Since 1980, the Shepherd’s Guide has never compromised the value of the guide by throwing them at front doors. Instead, we print ten’s of thousands of copies per region and wisely distribute them among churches, Christian bookstores, Christian schools, ministries and various businesses. And it is at these distribution points that people actually come to pick up a Shepherd’s Guide, for absolutely free. It is a product that is constantly sought after, not forced into your hands. The Shepherd’s Guide is a long-lasted, reliable brand that people recognize and cherish, year after year.

We are not a website that takes advantage of cheap SEO tricks to gain millions of “hits” a day. We do not sell ourselves on numbers and statistics; instead, we sell on results. Similar to the print guide, we would prefer people to find us only when they need us. We are proud to tell you that over 60% of visitors found our site through popular search engines with one thing in mind: “Where can I find a Christian owned business, ministry, school, and church?”

Okay okay, I’ve made my free listing. Now what?

Here Are 5 Ways To Optimize Your Listing