Alignable is a social media network created with small local businesses in mind giving them a platform to communicate and collaborate. Its aim is to connect those businesses and help them work together. It is truly the ultimate Business Directory.

The company was co-founded by Eric Groves (formerly a senior vice president at Constant Contact) and Venkat Krishnamurthy. Groves, who’s the company’s CEO, said that most local businesses don’t have a way to work with each other or even know what’s going on at stores down the road.

“It’s amazing how local businesses truly feel like they’re alone,” he said.

With Alignable, on the other hand, businesses can connect with each other, send each other messages, and post to a communal news feed for their town. One common use case, Groves said, is to mutually promote their sales and events through their various Facebook followings and email lists. Another use case is asking for advice, like how to obtain a certain permit.

Here at the Shepherd's Guide, Alignable has allowed us to reach out to 1,000's of businesses in our local regions and see how we can best serve them in promoting their businesses within our community. Being able to communicate with the owner or someone who is 100% focused on growing their business is priceless.

Alignable is FREE and truly worth investigating for your company or minsitry.

A few tips when using Alignable:

  1. Use the Search Bar to look for local businesses to connect with.
  2. Use the Search Bar to look for local events.
  3. Ask questions to get the conversation started.

I pray that Alignable is as helpful to you as it has been to us,

Dr. Timothy Lambert


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